Saturday, November 26, 2005

The first 55-er

This unnamed 55-er is inspired by a real life conversation. Insipred, it is not the transcript. The real conversation didn't end the way this does. I don't personally know the two who were involved in it, so I haven't taken their permission before publishing this story. My apologies for that...

"...I hope you understand now" sad
"I had to..." sad
"I'm sorry..."
"Its ok"
"If I ever come back?" uncertain
"I'll welcome you with my arms open"

"But I won't. You have my number on your cell, but don't call me. I am Mrs. William Berry now."

What should be the title???

Friday, November 18, 2005

That Monsoon - part II

If you missed part I, it can be read here

part II begins-

This is what I did...

Ok, don't hit me..... *ducking for cover*

The story is still 55 words! No one said anything about images now..... right???

By the way, the story is true, and the image is a pic of my first ever oil painting...... It was August 2000 and my semester was just over. Fortunately, I got a month off!!!!! Thats rare, and I was jubilant. But watching the rain fall on dull monsoon afternoons wasn't my idea of spending a vacation. So, I made this....

Also, coming soon are two real 55-ers.... so watch this space!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

That Monsoon - part I

Here is my attempt at a 55-er!

It was typical monsoon afternoon -dreary. Everything was a shade of grey, from light to dark and everything in between. A dark gloom had enveloped everything...

I was confined indoors and the blank colourless walls stared back at me...

The starkness became unbearable...

I decided to do something about it...

To be continued...
Keeping in with the tradition, this is also in parts! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2005


When anyone asks me, that what are my hobbies, I always say reading, movies and music - the usual stuff. For some strange reason, I never say puzzles. On an average I do one puzzle everyday! (And that should make it a serious hobby, shouldn't it? More serious than reading, music or movies, for I neither read a book everyday, nor do I see a movie everyday!) But for some odd reason, I never enlist solving puzzles as my hobby. I have always enjoyed doing puzzles, right from childhood. It started from Fun pads filled with jumbled words, silly crosswords and find-the-words. I graduated to more serious cross words and word searches. Then to on-line games like Text Twist and Eight. Ok, so now a puzzle for you people - What is common in all the games up above? Socho socho... Need a clue? Ok, read the list once again, and the answer would leap right out of the words! Got it? I already gave you the answer! No, one more clue? Hmm, the answer is a word... Which word? Any word! Yeah, that's the answer. Words! I have always done word puzzles. Number puzzles somehow failed to capture my interest. That was until I was introduced to SuDoKu! Now SuDoKu strictly speaking is not a Number Puzzle (for that mater, even if you don't speak strictly, it is not a number puzzle!!!) For the numbers in SuDoKu can be easily replaced by alphabets, or any other symbol for that matter... SuDoKu is a test of logical thinking (And that is something that I can manage!) SuDoKu is a recent rage. I saw it in the papers everyday, but seeing all the numbers, I stayed away from it. One fine day, my dad said, "Have you started solving SuDoKu?" and I said, "No, number puzzles are not my cup of tea." That's when he shook his head and said, "Try it." Try it I did, and how! Now, I do them like crazy - the harder the better! So how is it played? The rules are simple. There are nine boxes, each of 9 squares, arranged as a 9x9 grid. All you have to do is fill the numbers 1-9 in each row, each column and each small square. And why am I giving out the rules? Because I have two puzzles for you here... Go ahead, play on...

This is the first...

And this is the second!

Happy solving....

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Seven Things...

I had decided to do this after Progati.... so here goes!

Seven Things you want to do before you die:
  1. Learn to drive - I'm soooooo scared of driving!!!

  2. Sample all the cuisines of the world!!!! - I'm a foodie all the way!

  3. Write a book (and probably have it published)

  4. Direct a film or perhaps a play - Wishful thinking *sigh*

  5. Loose weight!!!! - Forever on my to-do list!

  6. Read every book written! - This is a tough one!

  7. Understand myself - This is tougher!!!

Seven Things you can do:
  1. Play Antakshari non-stop for four hours! (If it was allowed, I'd turn pro at this!)

  2. Sweet-talk my way out of most situations - Most, not all!

  3. Paint - not very good, but still manage to paint.

  4. Crack silly jokes the whole day! (All my friends will vouch for this)

  5. Hum songs the whole day, even while taking a test! (Some friends will vouch for this too!)

  6. Watch Chupke Chupke any time of the day! (I've seen it about 21 times...)

  7. Take six months to write an 18-page story - And this is something only I can do!!!

Seven Things you say most:
  1. What rubbish!

  2. What? (In a screechy voice!)

  3. Helloooooo

  4. Now what?

  5. Was that a joke? Am I supposed to laugh?

  6. Oh grub!

  7. Welcome to the club!

Seven Things you can't do:
  1. Stay awake the whole night - I just have to have to sleep

  2. Drink Tea / Coffee with sugar in it!

  3. Eat food that is not cooked well - Most of my office canteen food comes under this category

  4. Sing well - sur mujhse door door tak koi rishta nahi rakhte!

  5. See boring art films - I just don't have the patience!

  6. Listen to rock music for more than ten minutes - sorry bro!

  7. Flatter people just to wriggle benefit out of them!

Seven Things that attract you to the opposite sex:
  1. Wit - A good one!

  2. Intelligence - Decent amount of it...

  3. Smile - A genuine, nice smile...

  4. Patience -To listen to all my bad jokes...

  5. Height - Tall guys can be so dashing... No?

  6. Sense of style - A classy one!

  7. Self Confidence - But not too much of it!

Seven Celebrity crushes:
  1. SRK

  2. Matt Damon

  3. Abhishek Bachchan
Ummmmmm????????? Can't think of any more!!!! :)

Seven People you want to tag:
  1. Silky

  2. Bhagya

  3. Seema

  4. RS

  5. Akshaya

  6. Anki

  7. Punu

In case, you are all amazed at the frequency of posts on my blog, well all I can say is, Welcome to the club!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Don't Cry Joni

A long time ago, when I was discovering classics on radio I heard this song on a late night radio show. I don't know why, but I recorded it. The first time I heard it, I hadn't paid attention to lyrics. I heard them later on, and loved them. I laughed and cried at the same time......

Jamie please say you'll wait for me, I'll grow up some day you'll see.
Saving all my kisses just for you, signed with love, forever true.

Joni was the girl, who lived next door; I've known her I guess, ten years or more.
Joni wrote me a note one day, and this is what she had to say.

Jamie please say you'll wait for me, I'll grow up some day you'll see.
Saving all my kisses just for you, signed with love, forever true.

Slowly I read, her note once more, then I went over to the house next door.
Her teardrops fell like rain that day, when I told Joni what I had to say.

Joni Joni, please don't cry, you'll forget me by and by.
You're just 16, I am 22, and Joni I just can't wait for you.

Soon I left our little hometown, got me a job and tried to settle down.
But her words kept pounding in my memory, the words that Joni said to me.

Jamie please say you'll wait for me, I'll grow up some day you'll see.
Saving all my kisses just for you, signed with love, forever true.

I packed my clothes and caught a plane, I had to see Joni, I had to explain.
How my heart was filled with her memories, and ask my Joni if she'd marry me

I ran all the way to the house next door, but things weren’t like they were before,
My teardrops fell like rain that day, when Joni told me what she had to say.

Jamie Jamie, please don't cry, you'll forget me by and by.
Its been 5 years since you've been gone,
And Jamie I married your best friend John!

Isn't this the irony of life? When we have something, we don't recognise its worth. And when we do, its either out of our reachor slipping through our fingers.

The song is DON'T CRY JONI by Conway Twitti and Joni Lee