Monday, November 26, 2007


My conscience pricked me when I saw him. But I told myself he probably wants to get off at the next stop. After all, I was sitting next to the exit door. There was nothing in his body language that showed signs of wanting to disembark, but I resolutely looked the other way. I told myself that I had a heavy bag to carry. Besides, there are about ten other people without luggage nearby. Anyone could give him a seat. The next stop came and went but the old man standing next to me was still there where I had last seen him.
He moved closer to a rod and clutched it with both hands. Then I saw that he had a bag to carry as well and he wasn’t very steady on his feet. I hesitated for about a second, then tapped him and motioned him to occupy the seat I vacated. I threw my bag on my shoulders and then stood at the spot he had been standing on. Well what do you think was the old man’s reaction? Forget a thank you or anything, he didn’t even smile! His expression said, “About time somebody did that”

After about 15-20 minutes when he had to get off, he promptly vacated the seat and another guy who had nudged in between in the meantime coolly sat down there. The point is, this new guy had seen me vacating my seat for the old man. He could’ve asked me to sit back there. Or the old man himself could’ve done so. But neither did. Not that it was really necessary for either of them to have done it, but it would have been a polite, civil thing to do so…

Sigh, I guess politeness has no rules….

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Reality Check

Sometimes when you start to fly, life has a way of bringing you back on earth - reality check! It begins with subtle signs at first and if you get it, great… if you don’t, and still go on happily prancing about in your bubble, you get a hard knock to burst that bubble…

हिन्दी में कहावत है ना,“देर आये दुरुस्त आये!!!”

But once you are reeling from the hard knock, it is difficult to get up and start running… sigh, but we have to na...? You could take it in your stride and move on or you could fret over the fact that you didn’t read the signs before. But you know what, reading the signs is risky business!!! It’s like reading a thriller in a language you don’t know well… You could get the story all mixed up :)

But we all need reality checks – keeps us in line… Personally, I think small little joltlets (not full fledged jolts) at frequent intervals are a lot better than one big jhatka that leaves you all breathless and gasping for air. What do u think???

Friday, November 02, 2007

Suitably Bugged...!

O its just one of those days,
When a lousy mood arrives and on it stays…
Whatever you do there are hajaar delays,
Hitches galore, solution slip aways!

It’s almost as if on a mountain top,
A heavy heavy load I have lugged…
You got it right if you think right now,
I am very suitably bugged…!