Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Black, White or 67 shades of Grey?

Update: Anshul claims this is his theory and I stole it. He demands credit and since I love him so much, it's his for the asking... :)

Last Friday, on the way back home I was tuned to a radio station as usual. The topic being discussed was – are there any blacks or whites in life? Or are there only shades of grey? (the number 67 comes from the show’s host by the way) The moment I heard it, I was like Black and White in life? Is that even possible? I don’t think so. Allow me to explain –


Black is the absence of light. Light now can be energy, emotions, feelings… all manner of things possible. This would make white a combination of everything. All feelings, all emotions… maybe I take the theory a bit too far. If you consider light symbolic of all things positive, then the whites become a culmination of happiness, elation, ecstasy, joy… sheer bliss, if I may say so. And black is the exact opposite – hate, anger, sadness, misery. Now with this distinction clear, try to fit the events and things in your life into these 2 brackets. Can you? If you say yes, look at the thing again. Was there not a single thing to tarnish your happiness in all the whites? I bet there was. All good things come at a price and bearing the price adds black to your perfect white resulting in… you guessed it – GREY! Look closely enough at the blacks, did nothing good come out of it? Not even the slightest bit? No, then change eyes! Look at it from someone else’s perspective and you’d detect a white… no matter how tiny that speck is, it renders the black grey. A mixture of black and white – grey! The shades may vary some resembling white and some black and yet there’d be scores of others that are close to neither. They tread on the fine line between good and evil as we know it and could fall on either side depending on the person’s vision.


Speaking of myself, I learnt early on that there are no blacks and whites. But putting that into practice in life – well, that was another story altogether! Ironically, when I finally did, I emerged a new person. Whenever I look back, I attribute my metamorphosis to this. An acceptance of the greys in life as they were and of my own inability to change them. You wouldn’t imagine the kind of change that came over me then. I became a lot easier to get along when I let go of the hang ups and made a lot more friends. When you accept that you are not perfect, you are at peace with yourself. When you accept that no body is perfect, you are peace with the world. I found my peace when I accepted the greys in people around me and that made it much easier to breathe. This new life was much better than teenage angst which we all go thru. I remember one of my teachers saying that as teenager’s we are caterpillars wrapped in the cocoon. We go thru a period of struggle with ourselves, trying to understand who we are, what we want, what we expect from ourselves. Once we are thru, we emerge as beautiful butterflies… quite a poetic way to put it I said, but doesn’t happen in real life… how wrong I was!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Blogging used to be such an avid passtime of mine... I'd spend hours everyday reading blogs, commenting, chatting up with fellow bloggers and now, am in this phase where everything I have to say is at the tip of my tongue and doesn't come out... wierd, huh? But that's life I guess....

I have gone back to reading and I have to thank a radio show host for that! She does a weekly show where they discuss books and everytime I listen to it, my to-read list grows. At the moment, I have to read - 

  1. The White Tiger
  2. Piece of Cake
  3. The Book Thief
  4. Annakarina
  5. Swami & Friends - R K Narayan
  6. And many more...

I have already read Brisingr (the third of Paolini's Inheritence Trilogy, which isn't a trilogy anymore), Shantaram, a couple of Chicklits and a fast paced book called Is New York Burning? Surprisingly, after having read Kaavya Vishwanathan's Opal Saga, I thought I'd like this genre but it has disappointed. All the books I picked up have been disappointing and predictable to a certain degree. In fact, the Devil wears Prada was a better watch than read...  what's the world coming to?

Speaking of watching, I have been seeing a lot of movies too... and with lot, I mean it! Averaging to a movie a week and sometimes more... I adored A Wednesday - a good story, crisp narration and fab acting! None of the others deserve a mention though, so I think I'll pass...

If books and movies have been spoken about, music has to come in my post... right? Wrong! I am out of touch with myself when it comes to music. i have gone from being a 'full day music playing' person to 'some days music playing' Can't believe this would happen to me, but it has!

Superflous is stamped across this post in bold red letters. Isn't it? I have been wanting to vent out my anger at the current situation in our country, I have been wanting to rant about the weather, the ill health of family members... but somehow I restrained. My blog is not a venting machine after all. That I guess explains the long silence on this page. I felt, people have died and families have been torn apart, and you want to blog about that fact that kids call you 'auntie'? No, that just didn't seem right. And the impact of terror and recession can be felt on all our lives here, no matter how small.... it is there. 

When the terrorists see the empty malls and shopping arcades and theatres, they know that part of it is due to their threat. In defiance, I want to live my life as before, but with a bit of caution and alertness.... to tell them they wouldn't succeed. But if I do that, is it fair to be celebrating life as before when there are thousands who grieve? A moral dilemma, if there ever was..... I don't have the answers to these questions... I had a long discussion with A one night about this. (A for the uninitiated, is hubby) We had different views on what makes a terrorist, what makes a fidayeen. A senile human can never be the same again after having killed another human. I agree, but brain washing and training can go a long way there. I remember a conversation with my colleague M, an ex Navy officer and a war veteran. He said someone once asked me how many people I have klilled. His reply was I don't know. I never think about it. Coz if I did, that'd be the only thing I think about. And that would be sure to drive me crazy... he had a point there. Perhaps the makers of terror know that as well...   

I did not want this to be a post about morbid things.... and that is exactly what this became.... :(