Sunday, November 15, 2009


I once participated in a 3 sentence story contest. Came across it last evening while cleaning stuff from my comp. Don't think I have pasted it here...

It was a windy night, with the wind howling in the narrow streets and banging on grimy glasses of closed windows.

The little child walked slowly through those narrow streets but her occasional sobs audible inside the homes with paper thin walls had no effect on the families inside, for food was scarce for their needs as well.

No one saw the mad old lady living in a tent at the end of the street giving her only piece of bread to the hungry child, but everyone saw the child crying over the old lady’s body the next morning.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Children's Day!

It's children's day today and I realised that the child in me doesn't really want to grow up. Is that a good thing people?

Do you have that inner child whose eyes light up at the sight of a present from the loved one, who stares at all the fantastic ice cream flavours and can't decide which one, who looks up to mom and dad for approval, who carries dreams in their eyes... I think I do... :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

About this and that

Sometimes when you read a good book, its like a journey with a good friend. When the book ends you feel like you have had a great time and a pang that it has ended. I feel it with only captivating books. I'd spend long nights reading and actually feel a bit bad that the book ended. I wish that the story would go on and on and allow me to live with the characters and not just be a part of that sliver that the author intended to. And yet, I'd never analyse the why's and what if's
of the story. I could remember and recollect the story years afterward at times and yet I never questioned why a certain character behaved in a certain way. I do the same with people and situations. Taking things at face value has been instrumental to keeping myself optimistic. Now
I. wonder if it is a good thing. I never wanted to be the cynic who doesn't trust anything but being at the other end of the spectrum isn't the best either. Look where I started and where this post has led upto. I digressed like having fallen on a landslide! So lemme keep my musings away and come back to the pangs about completing books. I have read quite a lot in the last few weeks. Was missing it so much that I took time out to read. I realized I missed the act of reading a lot more thanthe actual matter. But I was a bit off the mark. None of the books I read left me with the familiar pangs, and I kind of missed them.

Same was the case with music. I went from being someone who had songs playing about her all the time to someone who did not even know what the music releases for the month have been!! Music is easier to be in touch with as compared to books and I want to promise myself that I
will go back to my musical ways. Finding music again has been like bumping into an old friend on a trip to the market. The delight makes up for the lost time and you feel like you wanting to soak up all your favourite music in a day. Has it ever happened to you as well?

On a totally unconnected note, I realized something very important a few days back. We have the tendency to hoard our beautiful, precious and favourite things for special occasions. Nothing wrong there now, we all do it. I had a bottle of a lovely French perfume that I bought
just before my wedding. That was my special occasion perfume and I didn't wear it often. It got pushed to the back of my wardrobe and went so farther back that even for parties I never bothered fishing it out, making do imstead with my everyday one. Then one day while
cleaning out the shelf, I discovered it again. I sprayed some on my wrist and the fragrance stayed with me the whole day, giving me little bursts of joy every now and then. In the evening when I got back home even hubby commented on it :)

My ordinary day turned a little less ordinary just by a few dabs of perfume! That's when I realized that some things are meant to be enjoyed and not stowed away. What do you guys think?Sent from my iPod