Monday, May 31, 2010

From Lips to Growing up!

For years and years now.... I have used lip balm for chapped lips (mine have a brutal tendency to chap) I have tried various brands and found Vaseline and Dermalogic to be the ones best suited to me... Then, I discovered makeup... Nude coloured lipsticks did the trick for me, gave me a hint of colour and shine... and kept the lips protected... Then I realised that makeup extends beyond lipstick, kohl and liner.... I got lip gloss... loved what liquid lipgloss did to the lipstick and I was a life long fan!

Yesterday, when cleaning out my closet, I discovered a gift from a friend... (actually, it was hubby's friend) A pot of solid lip gloss... it has been sitting in my closet for years now, totally neglected. On an impulse, i tried it out... and by jove! it was lip balm, lip colour and gloss... all rolled into one... Why the hell did I not try it before? That planted a thought in me... am I less adventurous now? I am one to try out new things (all the time) be it food, places to visit, things to do.... but off late, I haven't been so... :( Is this what growing up is all about?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bad, Bad Idea

My rating: 1 of 5 stars
I picked this on an online shopping site... and even with the 15% discount, the book ain't worth it.... i can think of much better ways to spend 85 bucks - ice candy for 17 straight days, a chicken burger, junk jewellery,kolhapuri chappals.... and loads of goodies from the flea market!

Stereotyped characters, jerky pace and an almost non existent storyline... the icing on the cake is the climax!!! OMG, the author must've been running late for a meeting and decided to just wrap things up... i have never read a more hurried and nonsensical end to any story... don't waste your time on this one...

Sunday, May 09, 2010

A wish...

There are new mothers: who struggle with sleepless nights, wet beds, dirty diapers….

There are seasoned mothers: who know the child is lying abt not having finished the homework before heading out to play...

And then there are veteran mothers: who just hear a word said over the phone, a thousand kilometers away and know something is wrong…

Mum, you've been all of this and more... much much more.... I am not going to thank you and trivialise all that you have done.... just wishing you a happy mother’s day.... lots of love...

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hot Hot Hot!

That's the only way to describe Delhi's weather these days... Some of the things I associate with Summer:

  1. Ice Candies - Love'em in orange!
  2. Watermelon - Anytime, anywhere... having grown up in Mumbai that has practically no winter, watermelons were a perennial thing to beat the heat
  3. Loose Kurtas - The softer the cotton, the flowy the kurta, the better...
  4. Skirts, Long cotton skirts - If they were not made for summer, what were they made for?
  5. Reading - Summertime always meant lots and lots of reading!
  6. Vacation - Who doesn't dream of getting away in the crazy hot months?
  7. Mangoes - Need I say more?
  8. Sunglasses - Glam up!
  9. Chaas - Mealtime staples these were. My classmates still remember the iced chaas mum would pack for my lunch early in the morning. By lunchtime, the ice would melt and I had cool chaas all to myself! ;)
  10. Power Cuts - Part of the package :s
  11. Siesta - Afternoon power naps anyone?
  12. Large handbags - Need to cart around extra water, umbrella, face wipes etc. etc. etc.
  13. Evening Showers - Can you resist the call of the cool water in the evening?
  14. Phalse - This has to be a staple of every summer spent at Delhi.... my early childhood memories are buying phalse from the pheriwalla in the afternoon and eating them on the staircase at naani's house while chatting up with cousins...

What are yours???

Thursday, May 06, 2010


I stopped writing a while ago coz this blog had an overdose of me. But then, thats what this blog is for... isn't it?

I have been a voracious reader (of blogs and not books!!!) in the last few months. I keep following any interesting blog I come across and read them for a while. Often, I lose interest and unfollow (yeah, it sucks but helps manage my Google reader) Speaking of Google reader, while it definitely is convenient to read, i prefer reading on the blog. The ambiance of the blog is lost in the reader. The fonts, colours, widgets, skins... all of these make up a blog as much as the content.... i spend a while over my blog ambiance (sometimes i wish i cud put that into the content only!) and am sure lots of other do. Google reader just nullifies all that effort....

But the fact is that I am back... well, sorta! And even if I post inane stuff thats randomness to the rest of the world, the blog is still active!

I have been photographing a bit of late... macros and abstracts attract me more than landscapes and portraits. I had never imagined I'd be attracted to abstracts! You can see some of my pics here...