Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I just wanna write

I want to write again. I haven't written anything significant in a long long time now. God alone knows why. probably because I felt that I didn't have any significant idea or intelligent thought to blog about. But today I realised that waiting has not helped. This blog is for me. It is my space and I should not be afraid to write anything here. Even if it is Daa-Doo-Dee-Da Da-Doo-Dee-Dum! I am doing this for me. An outlet for my ramblings. So that's what this space will be. Maybe I'll get back to creative writing eventually. Till then, its the mundane thoughts!

The festive season has begun in India. We have had a fun filled Navratri / Durga Puja thanks to our complex. The fact that you have 5 straight days off helps too. Doesn't it? This is the first time I did a Kanjak puja on my own, without any elders being present. Thank God, it turned fine. I was one kanjak short when I began and the friend of one of the girls landed unexpectedly! Small miracles. I think the Goddess blessed me that day. Its the faith and the belief thats more important than the rituals. I feel the rituals are meant to serve as a guide and not be the restraining factor. Imagine if our entire society accepts this and starts acting accordingly. Don't you think we would be happier if we didn't feel the shackles of rituals we don't understand? I have learned this late in life. And now that I have, I hope I can follow it throughout and instill similar beliefs in my daughter (and her future siblings!) too. My one line parenting plan! Speaking of my daughter, she is half as tall as my husband and twice as talkative as me. I dunno why they call it terrible twos. I am loving the thinking, inquisitive, interactive kid that she is. A personality is definitely shaping up :)

I was talking about festivals. Wasn't I? Karwachauth is next in line on Friday and am looking forward to it. Not the fasting, but the dressing up ;) I am completely vain. I know.