Friday, October 03, 2014

FOTD: Four Products Only

How often have you been caught in a situation where you have almost no makeup on you and you need to head out? This happened to me on a business trip to Bangalore. I was carrying the basic compact, kajal and a few neutral lippies for day wear. Turned out my bro who was there then  had other plans. He took me out thrice and each time, I kicked myself for not packing in extra stuff. Since I had to make do with whatever was available, here is what I did.

FOTD: Basic Kajal and Barely There Lip Colour

This was an almost no makeup look that can be easily worn in the day time as well. I went heavy on the kajal and smudged it on the lower lashline. The upper lashline was quite a thick lining. I used Lotus kajal here since I was short of products then. Ideally, I would line the upper lashline with Faces eye liner in black or Maybelline gel liner.
FOTD: Kajal and Barely There Lip Colour
FOTD: Kajal and Barely There Lip Colour

Makeup Used 

  1. Face: Lotus 3 in 1 Sunblock, Oriflame pressed powder
  2. Eyes: Lotus Kajal applied on upper lashline, lower lashline (smudged) and waterline
  3. Lips: Oriflame Visions lipstick in Almond Brown
From my now dead makeup blog Novice Makeup. I miss beauty blogging and hence re-posting an old post here.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Beauty Tip - Using Scrubs

This is a fantastic tip I picked up blog hopping long time back. I have shared it with a lot of ppl and all have loved it. So trying to spread some love on the blog too.

When you use a cream based scrub for exfoliation, allow it to sit on your face like a mask. When the scrub is semi dry, wet your hands and massage your face. This will allow the creams to penetrate deeper and give you much better results.

Homemade Scrub
Homemade Scrub

Try it and let me know if it worked for you. Or share your own exfoliation tip.

From my now dead makeup blog Novice Makeup. I miss beauty blogging and hence re-posting an old post here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Travelling Alone & Realisations at Trafalgar Square

How exciting it is to be living a traveller's life? You hear the stories of your friends who have been to all those fantastic places.. you see their pictures on Facebook... you see all the places they have checked in on FourSquare and you go, "Wow, What a fantastic life!" When you meet these people they talk about the wonderful experiences they have had, conversations with fellow travelers, acts of kindness by random strangers when they needed help and can't help wish, "If only I led such a traveller's life"

What these stories don't tell us is about the long waits at airports and train stations. What the smiling faces in pictures don't let on is the longing of being away from family and loved ones.

When I travelled alone to London a while ago, I was all kicked about sight seeing and exploring the place on my own. At Trafalgar Square, such a strong feeling of loneliness hit me that I almost went back to the hotel! I was so grateful then that my friend G came to see me the day before. That evening I realised the true need of good company. And so, I clicked pictures of people all around.

Leaving you guys with some pics from that evening :)





Sunday, September 21, 2014

Get Pregnant!!

One of these days I was catching up with Ikya of Makeup Monologues and just generally chit chatting about her life after the wedding. Inevitably, we came to the topic of "good news". You know how Indian relatives and associates are in general right? The would like you to go from the Vidaai Mandap to the maternity ward in nine months flat!

So she told me about hints that started coming in as early as three months into the wedding. In fact, a lady in her cantonment suggested the following:

" You know Dr. So and So. He is really nice. Set pregnant before he gets posted out of here!"

I understand that an army wife would plan her family on the basis of her husband's posting. But a doctor? That is beyond hilarious!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Review: Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick in Mod Mauve

I am a major lipstick fan. I can go without anything but a lipcolour on my face. And since I favour lipsticks to glosses, I do collect them like crazy. 

A few years back, Lotus was always a skincare brand for me. I did not even know they were into makeup till I read some of the awesome reviews on beauty blogs.And then, I had to give these a shot. I picked Mod Mauve from the Pure Colors range. At that time I was looking for a good mauve colour and this one suited the bill perfectly!

What Lotus Herbals Claims about Pure Color Lipstick

Lotus Herbals website calls this Moisturising Lip Color.

What I Think about Lotus Pure Colors Mod Mauve

I differ on the moisture claim. I would call this a non drying lip colour. This is definitely not moisturizing. I do need a balm under this. That apart, I have no complaints with this little beauty. I am in love with this nudish mauve colour. What you see on the swatch is a single swipe. It can be build to a darker mauve with 2-3 swipes. It has a sheen that eliminates need for a gloss and can lasts for a good four hours on me. It fades evenly, without a tint.

Among all the Lotus lipsticks, I like the packaging of these the most. The pale gold tube with the lotus motif is quite nice in my opinion.

It has a sweet almond smell that I don't mind but others might. Think Rogan Badam Shirin! The smell lasts for quite a while after application.

What It Costs

These are available at counters for INR 265 a pop. Lotus counters are slowly making appearances in Big Bazaars, Pantaloons, Spencers etc. They even have their little pop-up shops at Major malls these days. You can also checkout the local beauty stores. A few of them carry Lotus colours. If you can't find them close to your place, turn to the internet. Lotus is available on most e-commerce sites.

Lotus Pure Color Mod Mauve Lip Swatch
Me wearing the Lotus Pure Color in Mod Mauve

The Good

  • Pretty nude mauve colour that will suit a lot of skin tones from fair to dusky
  • Non drying
  • Decent lasting power of 4 hours
  • At INR 265, it is amongst the most pocket friendly lippies

The Bad

  • Not moisturizing
  • Not creamy and tends to harden a bit in cooler weathers
  • The packaging does not indicate the colour. You have to read the tiny label at the bottom if you have a few of them

Final Rating


From my now dead makeup blog Novice Makeup. I miss beauty blogging and hence re-posting an old post here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dan Brown's Inferno : My Thoughts

I read Inferno a while ago. Not Dante's Inferno. Dan Brown's. I used to be a big fan of his and have read all his books with enthusiasm. Since reading the Lost Symbol, I had started to feel a bit disillusioned. Inferno just took that feeling to completion!

Dan Brown Inferno

Like every Dan Brown Novel this too had a heroine with super human IQ. Like every other Langdon book, the professor is clueless and is continent hopping on a trail of clues. Like every Dan Brown book, the world will end... I can understand writing in your comfort zone but honestly, that feeling of Deja Vu kills it. If I wanted to read the same thing, I'd pick my well read copy of the Da Vinci code again.

I know how tough it is to write a story. I know it is even tougher to write a book. Trust me, I have tried. As a result I have great respect for whoever manages to complete the book. And Dan Brown is a brilliant writer. His books have the twists and turns that keep the readers on the edge. Just wish he'd develop characters outside his preset moulds.  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ten Must Haves in a Working Mother's Wardrobe

After my daughter was born, the way I dressed change. Part of this is because I put on weight and part of this is because my time had other demands. I gravitated toward non fussy clothing and realised I am basically in a style rut. All my outfits were practically clones of each other and I seemed to sport a uniform at all times. Now men in uniform maybe sexy but women in uniform are boring. B.O.R.I.N.G.

The monotony eventually got to me and I am trying to break out of it. Over the years I have compiled my own set of rules and try to abide by them. Here are my must haves:
  1. Colourful Leggings: Leggings and Kurtas have essentially revolutionised the Indian Women's way of dressing in the last few years. The trend is still going strong and is here to stay. Leggings are comfortable, versatile and extremely fuss free. Whether you are chasing your toddler around the house or popping into the office for that important meeting, you can sport these with ease. I would recommend investing in basic black, blue and maroon and then adding colourful ones like pinks and greens depending upon your kurtas. Also go for a few ankle and calf length ones to pair with tunics for the indo-western look. 
  2. Pink Leggings
    Pink Leggings
    Viscose or Georgette Kurtas: Notice here that I said Viscose or Georgette. Cotton kurtas are great in comfort but I find that they fade easily. A cotton garment needs much more maintenance and a lower shelf life. These lasts much longer and does not lose its newness as easily. Most top brands have them now. I prefer the full sleeved ones that come real handy when I postpone my waxing sessions ;) Haven't we all done that? Sacrificed grooming in those initial years? 
    Orange Georgette Kurta
    Wearing an Orange Georgette Kurta
  3. Long Tunics: Tunics that fall to the mid thigh seem more flattering then the ones ending across the tummy or at the hip. The reason is that most women gain weight in the mid section post pregnancy. If the tunic ends in these areas, it draws attention to them. I have found thigh length tunics easy enough to pair with short leggings, capris, chinos, jeans or even formal trousers. The additional benefit is that if you have just started fitting back into those pre pregnancy trousers, the long tunics will hide the ungainly camel toes. 
    Long Tunic
    Longer Tunic: Better than a short tee
  4. Flat Sandals: The kinds that are easy to slip in and out of. Not flipflops though, they are a pain to run in and trust me once the lid starts crawling, there will be lots of running around! Flat sandals can be paired with a variety of outfits and will be appropriate for office, grocery shopping or the occasional mall visit. A soft sole will give your tired feet less grief.
    Chic Flats
    My chic white flats!
  5. BB Cream / CC Cream / BB Stick: Go for whatever suits your skin type and your pocket. The market is flooded with them these days and you are spoilt for choice really. These magic potions need minimum blending and most need no top up with a compact. To cut a long story short, pat, blend and go! 
    BB Cream Look
    Everyday BB Cream Look
  6. Stretchable Jeans: No one can deny the importance of jeans in any wardrobe! Unless your office has a 365 day formal dress code, you'd be wearing jeans to work at least once a week. With the changing body post pregnancy, I found finding a good pair of jeans a challenge. What came to my rescue were stretchable jeans with longer tunics. These were especially good in the cold winter months when leggings did not provide the essential protection. Stretch jeans and Jeggings looked good, were warm and even allowed me to sit cross legged on the bed and play with the baby at ease. I personally prefer dark wash even toned jeans with little or no embellishment. They are a bit tough to find but once you get them, they become a wardrobe workhorse! 
    My Best Jeans
  7. Large Stylish Satchels: The idea of carrying cutesy baby bags or diaper bags never did appeal to me. I always liked big bags so being a new mommy gave me the perfect occasion to buy some more large bags. The kinds that will hold a change of clothes, diapers and milk bottles for a playdate and phose chargers and pen drives for work! 
    Coach Bag
    Using my Coach Bag as a Baby Bag
  8. Skirts: Yes, skirts!! I found that whenever I wanted to change my look a bit, I was reaching for my favourite A line midi skirt. It falls a few inches below the knee and hides the thunder thighs, does not show a lot of leg and is extremely comfortable! And the ones in jersey material and wash and wear so no need to bother with the ironing either :) 
    A-Line Skirt
    A-Line Skirts: Universally Flattering
  9. Spaghettis, Ganjis or Light layering Tees: Remember those lovely nursing tops you bought? The ones with deep V necks or side openings? Well most of them would need a layering piece underneath if you want to wear them to work. And trust me, you can wear those to work. I have also worn such fitted tees under sheer tunics and kurtis. They not only provide coverage but also help hide the love handles when worn underneath a flowy garment. The idea is to buy then stretchable pieces that do not add bulk though.
    Layering is a great way to utilise the materinity wear
  10. Accessories: The most important item! Be it statement necklaces, earrings, cuffs, bangles, scarves or belts. Choose whatever catches your fancy. Most accessories can be worn irrespective of your weight changes and you can easily change up these to change your look. Switch your usual gold chain for chunky necklaces for a few days or wear large attention grabbing earrings. I also bought a few silk dupattas in tie and die. I pair them with a variety of kurtas for changing up the look. You'd be amazed at how the look changes if you wear a different dupatta with the same outfit or even change the drape from your usual style! 
    Turn Scarf into Necklace
    Turning a Scarf into a Neckpiece!
These were my 10 Must Haves for the working mothers wardrobe. What are yours?

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Guilt...

".....Women, on the other hand, fail to celebrate their successes, constantly feeling guilty about their achievements. If they achieve an exceptionally clean kitchen after hours of slogging, they think about how worthless they are as they don’t make money. Or if they crack an astounding deal after flying to Hong-kong, they think of how they miss picking up their child after school. They are constantly feeling guilty, let down and inadequate...."

So true!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

The State of My Mind...

.... is Overwhelmed!

So many things.. Thoughts, Ideas.... Stories, Wishes... Tasks, Conversations... Feelings, Emotions....

all whirling about in a giant mixer! 

Every little wish is important and every task needs equal attention.... there is so much to do, so much to achieve and so many dreams....

There are so many people who I need to speak to... family, friends... and yet, here I am writing a blog post :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Huma Qureshi on Femina and the HHC Debate!


Huma Qureshi Femina July 2014 Cover

Read this post on HHC this morning and have to say, I am so sick and tired of our media potraying beauty of women in a certain way that I am practically off mainstream media!

Sunday, July 06, 2014


A few days ago, while swapping baby stories with my college friends, I realised we went from discussing DSP and mobile to daycare merits in a decade! And that we kinda drifted off after college. It was good to reconnect with the girls but I couldn't help think of the lost time.


Saturday, July 05, 2014

Today's Kids and Reading

When I was a youngling, I read a poem that started with the line...

What World of Wonder are Our Books!

It went on to describe how books make you travel faster then the speed of light and give you experiences you may not otherwise have the chance to have. The verse completely resonated with me since I have been losing myself in the world of books forever. Reading was a very popular hobby back in school, second only to sports and everyone who read was part of a community.

Source: Google 

Thursday, July 03, 2014

My 5 Time Saving Grooming Tips for Busy Mornings

Hey there, how many of you face crazy mornings? Getting kids ready? Getting chores done and practically sprinting out of the house to catch your train / bus / taxi or beat the rush hour traffic? 

And in this madness, how often do you skip your grooming? I say grooming here and not makeup because makeup can be skipped but not grooming... there are times I have left without as much as brushing my hair. But then, I realised that there are time saving devices that can be fit into the crazy routines.... here are some that I try.

Groomed Girl
Groomed Girl?

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

My Ultimate Romantic Fantasy - Breakfast In Bed

I once took a test on Social Media... you know the kind that tell you how you are, who should you date etc etc! If you have read the last few blog posts of mine, you'd probably know about the personality test I took on Facebook recently. So this one was ages ago... literally, almost eight years ago and said that my ultimate romantic fantasy was Breakfast in Bed :)

Breakfast In Bed

At first I scoffed it and later when I thought about it, I realised I love the idea of it. The effort my man puts into waking up early and making a yummy breakfast, then laying it out beautifully on a tray would be so sweet. And then he wakes me up gently and feeds me off that beautiful tray. Imagine a breakfast like that: yummy food, great conversation and lots of cuddling and kisses.... Such a morning can only end in one way. Right ;)

So guys, if your girl is like me and digs breakfast in bed, this is how you give her what she will love!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

Why I don't write stories anymore

I love writing stories. They are the best creative outlet according to me. You need nothing but your imagination and a story is born. Just like that. Inspite of this, I dont write stories anymore. Why is that you may ask...

Writing Stories
How I Used To Write

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Does It Matter: Marriage or Live-In?

Does it Matter? Apparently it does... at least in India. No wonder it is a much discussed topic in the Indian media and now an active Indispire topic.

Couple in Love
A Couple in Love
photo courtesy:

Why I Did Not Buy a Barbie for My Daughter

First up, I have to say that as a little girl I was enamoured with the doll. When I did not have a barbie and all I saw were fancy little ads of peaches and pink barbie in her lovely glowing gown and the little girls playing happily with it everytime I watched a cartoon. All this made me feel that I absolutely needed a barbie and would have tonnes of fun with it!

The next birthday, I actually got it and then... reality slapped me in the face...

Monday, June 02, 2014

I Got Charisma!

A silly test on Facebook... the result is such a clever play of words that it makes me want to believe it... especially the story teller part!!

Charismatic Me?

Charismatic Me?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

How I played at DovePlay - My experience at the Indiblogger Dove Meet

I have been a blogger since 2004. In all this period, I have made lots of blogger friends, met a few of them but have never attended a full fledged blogger's meet. Every time there would be a meet, I would have a clashing meeting, family event or work related travel! So this time when I saw the invite for Indiblogger's DovePlay meet, I made up my mind to attend it come what may. And boy, am I glad or what!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Grey Harmony

On a work related road trip, I crossed a Creek Bridge yesterday. These are my thoughts from that moment...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Rude Guy Out There

This happened on the way to work a few days back. The car ahead of us stalled and since my auto was barely 4 inches away from the vehicle in front, there was no way we could carry on. Add to this the fact that another car behind me was also less than a foot away, we were properly boxed in. On a narrow busy lane, a small incident like this is tantamount to disaster. A jam had begun to form and insistent honking from everyone behind made my ears pound. It seemed like everyone thought the car had stopped for fun and the constant honking would drive it into shame and running! Yes yes I understand everyone was rushing to work and they all had deadlines, but the headache they gave me then lasted all day.

Cars Traffic Jam

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Of Being a Mother

You know when women talk about motherhood, most mention how rewarding the experience is... how they love the hugs and kisses and all the tender moments you get to experience with your babies. What they do not mention though is the terrifying aspect of it. Oh no, I am not talking about the 24x7 duty or the sleepless nights and zombified days. I am talking about the fact that I am responsible for the shaping of another human being!

Mother & Daughter

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Week on Instagram

Been a busy week on Instagram!

Instagram 2
1. Eating Gola
2. Baked Eggs
3. By the Fountain
4. Office Decor Selfie
5. Gateway Of India

Friday, April 11, 2014

Mac Matte Lipstick Mehr - My Favourite Mac Lipstick

Anyone who dabbles with makeup would have heard of Mac Lipsticks. They are a cult favourite and for good reason! There has never been an occasion when a Mac Lipstick has failed me. I am a huge huge fan :)

Even though I am a lipstick collector (read hoarder) I have favourites that I keep going back to. One such colour is Mac Mehr. In fact, my mantra is

"When in doubt, wear Mehr"

I have paired it with Indian wear and Western wear and all possible outfit colours (save for red!!) and it has worked like a charm.....

Mac Mehr is described as Dirty Blue Pink on their site and to me it is the most perfect muted pink lipstick ever. It is matte and thus wearable everyday without any worry. If the words Matte Lipstick scare you then you should definitely look at Mac Mattes. They are not as drying as other drugstore brands. The lipstick does not tug whatsoever and gives a look of absolute sophistication :)

Mac Matte Lipstick Mehr
Mac Mehr on Me

Everytime I wear it, I am a bit scared of finishing it. I think this will be the first lipstick I buy a backup of!!!

What is your favourite Mac Lipstick?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Why Are You Happy?

This Friday, the baby asked to be dressed in finery and be taken out for ice cream. When I did it late in the afternoon, she was practically bouncing in the mall! So I asked her, now you are happy?

She says, Yes. I am

I asked why are you happy, expecting to hear about the dress, the ice cream...

The answer that came instead just shocked me.

She said, "Because I like to be happy"

Such a simple thing... I like it, so I am happy. I will not tie it down to material stuff :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shirt, Tie, Pinafore, Salwar... WTH?

I pass a school on my way to work and this morning, I happened to notice the uniform. The boys wore pink shirts, grey shorts and grey ties. The girls wore pink shirts, grey pinafores and grey ties... and black salwars underneath!!!

I was like, WTH. Why make them wear so many layers in India, which is typically a hot country? If you don't want the girls to wear skirts that bare the legs, make them wear a proper kurta with the salwar. For comfort, you can substitute the kameez with a light vest. That will leave the girls free from the hassle of a dupatta and add to the smartness quotient. Or if you want them to wear pinafores, add long socks or light stockings to the uniform. Why make them wear thick bulky salwars that too in stark black colour. The entire outfit looks hideous. Can you guys imagine? I could not click pics from a fast moving vehicle but will try to in the coming days.

Smart Indian School Uniform
This is smart and conservative

Then afterwards, I was thinking why they would do that? Is it deliberate, to dress school going girls in dowdy outfits covered from neck to toe so that they are kept safe? Are they respecting the sensibilities of the Indian middle class where certain people still have reservations about their daughters wearing skirts and shorts? Or is it that the school is just plain conservative?

Whatever the reason be, I can not stop thinking about those little girls sweltering in their classrooms while I sit comfortably in my air conditioned office.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hyderabad... a confluence of old world Nizam City and new age Cyberabad

The city of Nizams... isn't that how each of us read about Hyderabad? I remember I did. For me, the city was all about old world charm, laad bazaar (bangles, chaand baalis!) and biryani!!!

Charminar thru the rain
The city welcomed me with a downpour of rain and the weather was fantastic throughout. I met up with a friend of mine after a decade nearly. She was a lovely host and thanks to her and her huby, I was able to do the touristy thing too. They took me to Charminar and even with cats and dogs pouring down upon us, they were game to help me look for my desired souvenirs. You can see the pic above, it was snapped through the wind shield. I loved the half hidden view of the monument.

From the heart of the city as we moved to the elite Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills, you could see a modern affluent city. We ate at a lovely Barbecue place called JB. They had an awesome Sea Food counter that needless to say, I snapped pics of. Noteworthy mention to the grilled pineapple and the ice cream sundae. Oh and they also had a singer who was belting out English numbers from the 80s and 90s. Throw in the chatter of a hundred or so people to the mix and you have a heady cacophony. We did manage to converse a lot though. Catching up on people and reminiscing how lives have changed. Her two little kiddos were the icing on the cake. Her daughter was almost as old as mine and by the time the evening ended, we bonded so well that she held on to my hand all the way to dinner and back. And the little 8 month old son was so so adorable. I did not hear him cry once in the entire day! Such perfect little angels :) I loved playing with him so much. That and looking at the way the siblings were interacting, made me want to get another one of mine soon ;)

Seafood Display Sea Bass Shark Eel Octopus Ladyfish
Seafood Display at JB, Hyderabad
Shark, Eel, Octopus, Lady fish and Sea Bass
 And then, the next day onward I was at Cyberabad - a modern metropolis of chrome and glass buildings that have come to define commercial complexes in the last 2 decades in our country. Looking at these buildings, you can never tell where you are. A few iconic ones like DLF Ship building (Gurgaon) or ILFS (Mumbai) aside, the rest look like unidentical clones of each other. You could easily lift the one in Hyderabad and place it in Mumbai. The one in Kolkata and place it in Hyderabad. It wouldn't make much different to the skyline of the commercial hub I suppose. How I wish we return to the architectural nuances that are unique to the region in the modern construction as well. Anyway, the name Cyberabad itself ticked me. I thought it was a slang. Then I saw a police bearing this name and was amused that the authorities did have a quiry sense of humor to name an IT park thus. In India, it could easily be named after historical figures, political leaders or Gods!
Paradise Biryani Hyderabad
Me at Paradise.. Happy grin after an awesome dinner
I did sample the delectable Hyderabadi Mutton Birayani at the famous Paradise Hotel.. My colleagues had been there and were keen to eat there again. Although I had been advised to give this place a skip and eat at Biryani Corner, I went with the flow. I quite enjoyed the tender mutton biryani and if the other outlet makes it better, it is an excuse to go back... No? We also had Qubani ka Meetha with vanilla ice cream out there. Apricots stewed with elaichi and kesar made for a lovely dessert. I also picked up biscuits from Karachi Bakery on the way back. I have to say... those were some of the best biscuits I have EVER eaten. Those vanished so fast at home that I had no chance to click pics!

And finally, I wrapped my trip with a short beauty bloggers meet up! I met Nidhi or Nids and she is a guest writer at IBJ, ETM and many more. We met for the first time and it was like catching up with an old friend. Like me, she has found wonderful friends through blogging and we hit it off immediately. It was a lovely end to the trip I must say :)

Nide & I
Nids & I
The best part of the trip though was coming home to my daughter and the millions of hugs I got from her. Nothing can beat that. Absolutely Nothing!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

This Woman's Day...

A very happy woman's day to all the ladies out there. I am sure you have read loads of messages since morning telling you how lovely you are... I too have read tonnes of them on WhatsApp, Facebook and have been wished by family, friends and colleagues. This is one day of the year that every marketeer in the world tries to make you feel special. Isn't it?
 Woman's Day
Source: WhatsApp
So after you have felt special and all that, think about the women in your life that form a big part and yet go neglected by many. Think about it.  How many of you wished your maids today? Or  any of your support staff. We cannot imagine our lives without them. And yet do we treat them like women. If you are one of those who do... kudos to you.  If not,  then maybe you should think about it. Aren't they women too? Isn't it there day as well? So shouldn't we be nice to them too?
Just wondering....

Friday, March 07, 2014


Reading my last post and a few more before that made me realise that I use a lot of exclamation maeks in my writing. Almost every para ends with an exclamation mark. I can imagine my high school English teacher telling me to tone it down!

exclamation mark
Exclamations Galore!

I think I have an OCD with them. Even when writing a post about misuse of this punctuation, I cant stop myself from using them :p

The Fragrant Rose

I have never been a floral fragrance person. My preferences have always been fruity or spicy. Citrus, Musk, Lemon, Pomegranate based fragrances have been the ones I used to buy. As much as I love the scent of jasmine, lavender and rajnigandha I have only been able to tolerate agarbattis with floral scents. Never perfumes. And rose I thought was the most overrated!

The Fagrant Rose
The Fagrant Rose

Off late however, I have started liking rose scents. It started with oil dispensers dispensing fragrant aroma oils slowly and filling up the room with a light rosy scent. It moved on to agarbattis and just last month, I picked up two rose scented sprays. For someone with strong likes and dislikes when it comes to fragrances, it is a big big step!

And if you are wondering what the point of all this is, I figured the following:
  1. Very often, our choices may not be the popular ones. Even if it puzzles you, stick to your choice. You will find other things that appeal to you. People around you might fiend it weird. But what difference does it make to you?
  2. Never say Never! I always believed that I would not come to like rose scents and look at me now. As we get exposed to different things in life our tastes, likes and dislikes change. We need to keep an open mind
And now, I am game to try out more feminine floral fragrances!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Selfie was the word of the year 2013 in Oxford Dictionary. Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know it already. And those of you who are wondering why I am bringing it up now, hold your horses... this ain't news. But that does not mean I can't talk about it. No?

So where were we? Ah yes, the Selfie in Oxford Dictionary. Its very inclusion means that the boundaries of the puritan language and urban slang have blurred further! While I think English needs to adapt to survive, this post is not about that... :)

Highway Selfie
Highway Selfie
Agreed that smart phones and digital cameras and enabled us in more ways than I can count, Social Networks have made us all international villagers and sprouted tonnes of opportunities... and yet, the rise of selfies' popularity is slightly disturbing. Selfies are often unflattering (I can tell this from experience) A slightly incorrect angle will leave you with a bulbous nose, enlarged eyes, disproportionate face and make you end up looking like an anime. Not in a good way. It takes a lot of time, practice and adjustment. It would be much much easier to hand someone else the camera and have them take a shot!

Unless you are in a lonely lonely place like solitary camping or shipwrecked, chances are there would be people around you. Can you not hand over the camera to them and ask them to take a picture? The results are generally better! I have asked random people on the street to take pictures of my at times. To be honest, that was also before selfies were cool and #selfie was the 20th most popular hashtag on instagram with more than 20 million uses! And I know that I would still go that route...

Why do I take selfies then? Well, its mostly a challenge. I am not photogenic and to take a selfie that is flattering is tough. I enjoy the challenge and that is the reason my phone will have a series of unflattering pics and one halfway decent which goes on social media saying "yayy! I managed a selfie!"

Certian celebs like Gul Panag have gone a step beyond. She regularly takes selfies in an elevator and tags them as #elfie . Reminds me more of a little creature with elongated ears than a miss India in her designer threads though!

If you are few of those who love snapping themselves, let me tell you this is not new. The source of Global GK aka Wikipedia tells me that the first Selfie can be traced as far back as 1839! Check it out below.

Robert Cornelius Selfie
The first known selfie, taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839

I wonder if he knew he is starting a trend that will gain popularity 174 years later!! Finally, if you ladies want to know how to take a flattering Selfie, head over to YouTube and check out Michelle Phan's Selfie Video. It is good :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

This Brain Test Tells Me...

... That I am Right Brained.....!

But then, I always knew this :)

Brain Test Result
What are you??

Thursday, February 20, 2014


... is not necessarily bad now... is it?

Recently, a few college friends of mine who work at the same office met me and said that I have changed. I have had a 360 degree change in my personality in a decade... they wanted to know why and I had no answers.... maybe I have never introspected about this....

I know I have changed and I thought it is normal... part of growing up really... no?